Company Introduction

ICC, a leader of the 4th Industrial Revolution


The world has stepped into the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution that is grounded on AI, IoT, big data etc. As the bellwether of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we will lead the world’s furniture surface finishing material market by researching and developing trend-setting products.

ICC is a manufacturer and supplier of highly functional LPM/FF that it developed as the first instance in the country.

Production Capacity per Day: 60,000 sheets / Factory Plottage: 5,981.50㎡ / Area of manufacturing facilities: 4,343.94㎡
Product Portfolio: LPM (ordinary LPM, T-white LPM, LPM for coating, hi-flex low-bending LPM), FF (Pre Foil, 3D Foil, Post Foil, Super Foil, UV Foil, PET Foil)

World-class LPM/FF manufacturing technology

ICC is a company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying the highly functional surface finishing materials such as LPM and Finishing Foil that are needed in furniture manufacturing and construction. Especially, ‘the pre-impregnation and post-impregnation finishing foil’, which is the sole South Korean technology of its kind, represents the method that major global furniture makers apply in the manufacturing of their products. This is the pride that ICC takes in keeping abreast of the technology of world-class brands.

Eco-Friendly Products Fashioned with the Company’s Independently-Developed Technology

By applying to decorative paper the synergistic technology of impregnated coating, we have given birth to the eco-friendly and highly functional surface finishing materials. Finishing materials that bring beauty to space! The gentle class exuded from the furniture surface. And the 20-year-old know-how for impregnating decorative paper that is applied to the trendy design which we have developed on our own. The natural, comfortable texture can be applied to furniture and interior decoration as it is. Its quality is guaranteed by various certificates issued by the Korea Air Cleaning Association (KACA) among others.

With its own technology lab, the Company has developed high-performance and high-efficiency products.

As the bellwether of the South Korean LPM/FF industry, the Company was the world’s first company to develop paper UV FET foil and super foil through its continuous investment in impregnated resin technology. The company also manufactures T-White, LPM for coating, low-bending LPM, Hi-Flex LPM, and special LPM for hard surface as upgraded from the conventional LPM. Like this, the Company always mounts the most prompt and accurate response to the needs of the industry with its continuous research and audacious investment in facilities.

Realizing the best products needed by the industry with the latest facilities

We work to figure out safe quality and future technology. From the high-speed lacquer coating machine added to the impregnation machine that can produce 300 to 500m per minute to the invisible printing system that prints invisible watermarks to prevent counterfeiting. We focus on advanced technology and extraordinary products only.

Promoting the shared growth in the industry by fulfilling symbiosis and coexistence

We want to walk hand in hand with everyone and mix with all people. Not only tapping into the design that our researchers develop but also establishing close cooperation with 10 or so South Korean gravure printing companies as well as international gravure printing businesses, we acquire diverse-ranging types of decorative paper. This is possible because the Company has fulfilled its philosophy of symbiosis and coexistence.

ICC as the industry’s leader in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The world is on the verge of stepping into the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is based on AI, IoT, and big data. Presenting ourselves as a leader of the 4th Industrial Revolution in which ICT leads change as it integrates with economy and society in general, we will lead the furniture surface finishing material market with its products that stay ahead of their competitors.