Finishing Foil

eco-friendly Surface Finishing

Finishing Foil

An eco-friendly surface finishing material made by impregnating decorative paper with thermoplastic resin and then coating it with water-based lacquer

Pre Impregnated Foil

  • Pre Foil
  • 3D Foil

Pre Impregnated Foil

Post Impregnated Foil

  • Post Foil(SM type)
  • SUPER Foil(UF type)

Post Impregnated Foil


  • UV Foil
  • PET UV Foil

Post Impregnated Foil


  • It can present stereoscopic design as it can be applied in building not only flat surface but also curved surfaces.
  • Texture close to hardwood.
  • Nearly no discoloration (no yellowing).
  • Excellent physical properties (water-resistant, anti-pollution, anti-abrasion, chemical resistance).
  • An eco-friendly material that replaces PVC function.
  • Made sticky on the back side, it can also be used as an interior foil (instantly attachable).
  • Harmless and odorless; the product emits no toxic gases (like HCI) when it burns.
    (In contrast, PVC is likelier to generate toxic gases.)
  • Flaunting eco-friendliness and physical properties, it prevents sick building syndrome.
  • Useful for architectural interiors and as a furniture finishing material.


Furniture doors, body, frame doors, molding, children’s furniture, bedroom furniture, study furniture, living room furniture, wall panels, interior products, etc.

Wrapping It can be applied to 3 out of 6 curved wrapping surfaces.

Ready for instant application
As the finishing foil is made sticky on its back side, it is instantly attachable.
(to be applied to model house, interior maintenance and repair, etc.)

Types of Finishing Foil

Pre Impregnated Foil

Printed pre-impregnated paper coated with water-soluble lacquer

1. Pre Foil (Green Foil)

Saturating paper, which mixes pulp and resin, is processed with water-soluble printing and then coated with water-based lacquer.

2. 3D Pre Foil (3D Foil)

Saturating paper (Pre-impregnated) undergoes chemical embo printing and then hard-coated. A product that boasts expression and physical properties upgraded over previous embo products.

Post Impregnated Foil

The printed base/decorative paper is impregnated first with water-based acrylic resin, and then its top portion alone is coated with water-based lacquer.

1. Post Foil (SM)

Ordinary decorative paper (60-100gsm; about 3,000 imported or local varieties) is impregnated on both front and back with water-based acrylic resin, and then its top portion is coated with water-based lacquer.

2. Super Foil (UF)

For ordinary decorative paper (60-100gsm; about 3,000 imported or local varieties), stickiness, tensile strength, and physical properties of the surface are enhanced during the impregnation of finishing foil with special water-based resin.

UV Foil & PET UV Foil

Ordinary decorative paper (60-100gsm; about 3,000 imported or local varieties) is impregnated with special water-based resin and then UV-coated or combined with PET.


1. UV Foil (matte/embo)
2. PET UV Foil (matte/embo/high gloss)

Architectural Interior

Applied to ceiling, base molding, door frame, art wall, light box, etc. / Applied to built-in furniture / Applied to various doors and door frames

Furniture Interior and Exterior

Applied to doors, body, and front and back sides / Applied to kitchen, office, library, and children’s furniture


Decorative paper that keeps the natural beauty and adds specialness to daily life

ICC’s design not only realizes the texture of hard wood perfectly with its further improved, high-quality, and cutting-edge printing technology. It also delivers the natural beauty with diverse-ranging patterns, stylish design, and graceful color expression.

Operating diverse types of decorative paper

Our Design Lab nimbly responds to customer needs with over 3,000 patterns by developing trendy design samples such as hard wood, marble, fabrics, and abstract patterns through our independent design development and through our partnership with overseas suppliers of saturating paper as in Germany, Japan, and China and the foreign and domestic suppliers of printing paper.