CEO’s Greetings


Welcome to Impregnated Coating Co., Ltd. (ICC), a company that marches toward a better future with all your support and interest. Our passion and initiative are aimed at the whole world. With better technology and extraordinary products, we go beyond the South Korean market and are working to bring global publicity to our name.

Since its foundation, ICC has steadily upgraded its decorative laminate impregnation technology. Based on this, the company has developed all eco-friendly surface finishing materials that tap into decorative paper. Finishing foils and Low Pressure Melamine (LPM), which are widely used as eco-friendly products in foreign advanced countries, are the proud products of ICC. As far as technology and quality are concerned, we will never compromise.

ICC is the leader of South Korea’s Low Pressure Melamine and Fishing Foil (LPM/FF) manufacturing. We have achieved this through its endless investment in the impregnated resign technology.

Ours is advanced technology that sets the standard for the industry. However, we do not settle for what we are today. We will keep marching forward with our sights set on tomorrow; Never stop! By focusing on the development of products through steady R&D effort, we will become a world-class artisan in decorative paper impregnation and surface finishing materials.

And we believe that the process should not involve foul plays. We will make a business with integrity that fulfills corporate ethics through transparency in transactions and fair competition.

The staff of ICC will give ear to the small voice of customers. Keeping in mind harmonious and effective communication, we promise to be a modest company that pursues symbiosis and coexistence.

We will return the support and trust that you have shown us so far.
Thank you.


Jang Young-hwan  /  CEO  ICC