Hi-Flex Low-Bending LPM

Low Pressure Melamine Laminate

Hi-Flex Low-Bending LPM 

ICC is the first South Korean developer of low-bending LPM.

The LPM does not cause the bend of the board even when it undergoes single-side bonding with a stamping press.

If LPM is employed to either the front or rear side of the sheet, it increases the materials applicable for the opposite side.

Both front and rear side of furniture doors

  • Matte or special embo on front side / Matte on rear side.
  • Apt for press stamping and effective in preventing bending.

Rear side (only) of furniture doors

  • PET is applied to high-gloss front and Hi-Flex LPM applied to rear side.
  • The single-side bonding with a stamping press facilitates the front-side attachment of the glossy PET PUR.

For the rear thin plate of furniture body (2.7-4.5㎜).

  • The currently used color and embo for the ordinary LPM may be applied to the thin plate as well.
  • Minimum bending makes the work very easy.