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[아리랑TV]고기능성 가구 및 인테리어 표면마감재 전문기업, 아이씨씨(ICC)

2019-10-30 01:06

ICC is a manufacturer and supplier of highly functional LPM/FF that it developed as the first instance in the country.
ordinary LPM, T-white LPM, LPM for coating, hi-flex low-bending LPM), FF (Pre Foil, 3D Foil, Post Foil, Super Foil, UV Foil, PET Foil)
Furniture doors, body, frame doors, molding, children’s furniture, bedroom furniture, study furniture, living room furniture, wall panels, interior products, etc.
It can be applied to 3 out of 6 curved wrapping surfaces.
Supply of construction compaies and furniture makers
Site : www.eicc.co.kr
Family Company HyosanLPL www.hslps.com